Random Acts of Kindness

Recently, CAC partnered with an innovative local nonprofit called Hope by Song, a project of SWFL Music. Hope by Song partners with organizations such as ours to provide a creative and cathartic outlet to those who want to share their stories of struggle and hope through the assistance of volunteer singer-songwriters.

Its mission is to help those whose stories of abuse, addiction, homelessness or PTSD have not yet been heard, by inspiring them to tell their stories. Their words are then used to create songs of struggle and hope; these songs are then used to educate others dealing with similar issues to encourage new, more beneficial ways of thinking about their lives, and to foster in our community a greater awareness and deeper understanding of those in less fortunate situations.

CAC was introduced to Hope by Song through Lee County Human Services Director Roger Mercado, who invited our CEO Jill Turner and Clinical Director Val Gill to their monthly singing circle. According to Gill, “From the first few notes we were awestruck, the lyrics were deeply moving. The songwriters not only captured the deep emotional pain but the resiliency, hope and healing of the songs authors. We were brought to tears.”
The audience for this circle were residents of a local substance abuse treatment program; the songs being performed were not theirs, yet the impact was powerful. “Many in the audience were touched in places that had been tightly closed for years, and through music were opened to allow a cathartic release of tears and expression,” continues Gill.

Hope by Song came about by way of a singer-songwriter circle that has been meeting every Sunday for more than two years. This group was created to offer aspiring and practicing songwriters to support, educate and collaborate with each other for the general betterment of songwriting skills for all involved. Over the last five years, hundreds of songs have been created, all of which have been recorded and delivered to the writer and performed in various situations to inspire and educate.

“The art of expressive therapy makes us understand that it is possible to infiltrate the most challenging issues through creative imagination,” says Nita Flores, founder of Hope by Song. “The need for innovative treatment remains imperative. It is understood that music is a universal and readily accessible tool for therapy, and we have found it useful in the recovery aspects of mental health.” READ MORE

Thank you to the PACE Center for Girls-Lee for making up lots of dog treat goody bags for all our volunteer therapy dogs.





Thank you to the members at Grandezza Country Club for all the diapers and pajama sets for our kids. They went fast!

Thank you to the Lee County Tax Collector Office in North Ft. Myers for its ongoing support with a very successful diaper drive—and a check!




CAC Wish List

2nd Annual Bling & Bags Bingo Sold Out!

Want to help out CAC? Here is what we are currently in need of:

 ¨ Gently used laptops that are not too old

¨ Diapers

¨ Baby bottles

¨ Toddler boys underwear for ages 3, 4, and 5 years old 

¨ Children’s pajama sets

¨ Craft-type gifts for “tween” age girls, like bead/jewelry making kits 

Is your office staff or civic organization looking for a service project? Well, we have one for you! Our Prevention Dept. hallway is in desperate need of some TLC. We are looking for a group to come prep and paint the hallway. Please contact Dawn Clark, Asst. Prevention Director, at dclark@cac-swfl.org or call 939-2808. Thank you! 


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CAC Brings "Hope By Song" to Clients