Children’s Advocacy Center of Southwest Florida is proud to offer the Level Up! Dads program to any man in a caregiver role throughout Lee County and Southwest Florida

Level Up! Dads aims to create a community of strong, confident, and empowered men who work to help each other reach their maximum potential as fathers, step-fathers, and caregivers. This is achieved through mentorship, education, and social activities amongst our fathers, their mentors (known as Dadvocates), and their children.

Children in absent father homes are:

  • At four times greater risk of poverty.
  • Twice as likely to suffer infant mortality.
  • More likely to go to prison.
  • Seven times more likely to become a teen parent.
  • More likely to face abuse and neglect.
  • Twice as likely to drop out of school.

The Three Dimensions of Level Up! Dads


Community Based Partnership

This program provides educational and social activities for our clients and their children. Do you own a business that would be a good host for one of our events? Are you an expert in your field and feel fathers may benefit from your knowledge? From co-parenting classes to group outings at large scale events, we are looking to stay involved and active! Contact us today to see how a partnership with Level Up! Dads can make an impact with the fathers in our community



“Dadvocates” are our mentors, and the grease that makes our wheels turn. Dadvocates are matched with fathers based on their interests, beliefs, and backgrounds. Once matched, a meeting will be held with staff, the Dadvocate, and their father to ensure a smooth transition. After that, Dadvocates are asked to maintain contact with their father, provide updates to staff, and attend events as able. The average time required as a Dadvocate can vary, but will likely be less than five hours per month. All Dadvocates must pass a drug screen and level two background screen paid for by the program.


Client Recruitment

Do you know a father that needs a hand? Someone putting in the effort but could benefit from having a coach in their corner of the ring? Level Up! Dads is open to any man in a caregiving role, be it as a biological father, a step-father, a boyfriend of a woman with children, a relative … you name it! Needing help in life has no requirement regardless of income, job status, or background. Let us know if you or someone you know would make a great part of our team!


Are you interested in sponsoring a Level Up! Dads educational or social event? We would love to meet with you and discuss the possibility of aligning your business or cause with our goals.