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CAC’s Miller Achieves Milestsone Certification

CAC is very proud to announce that one of our nurse practitioners, Erin Miller, is now one of only two board-certified pediatric sexual assault nurse examiners (SANE-P) in the state of Florida, and one of 538 nationwide. “It took me two years to study, prepare for and obtain the SANE-P certification. In order to even qualify to take the exam, I had to complete 40 hours of didactic coursework and at least 40 hours of clinical experience performing sexual assault examinations,” says Erin.

Erin began her nursing career as a pediatric trauma nurse before becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner specializing in primary care and then joining CAC. As Erin explains, “My time with patients gave me an overwhelming feeling that I was put in the world to do this work: to walk hand in tiny hand through trauma with children, to teach them about body autonomy, health, personal power, self-worth, and the things inside that no one can take from you, even if they try. I decided to learn everything I possibly could to take the best care of these children.

“Achieving this SANE-P certification means I can reassure children about their bodies, remind them that they have their own stories to tell, if they so choose, and I get to take a moment with each of them outside of a medical perspective to remind them that they are brave, strong, smart, kind and they can do anything. I encourage them to say those words with me, in the hopes that if nothing else sticks, the truth of those words will resound inside them forever.”